Basic principles and conditions


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We shall be referred to as “CSTechnology” and you shall be referred to as the “USER”, in the following compulsory preliminary terms and conditions..


The trading proposals/ advises included in the all CSTechnology services are the services provided only for informational purposes.  CSTechnology” shall not be liable for and associated with any losses and damages which may be incurred from the trades of the User, evaluation of the information improperly or differently by him/ her or any manipulation in the market related to such information. The User of the Application hereby irrevocably and finally agrees and undertakes that it shall not make any claim against “CSTechnology” for any such detrimental consequences.


This additional service application provided by “CSTechnology” to the owner of the web-based and licensed app including in particular “CSTechnology” Mobil app, and the services and all other gains related thereto are provided to the natural person USER to the extent he/she is not legally restricted (being under custody or legal administration), and such rights granted to the natural person User related to the unique website (back office) or any part thereof may not be transferred to any other natural or legal person, and may not be returned.


The other services, prized, promotions and revenue sharing payments connected with the module services included in the “CSTechnology” Mobile App are not paid to the “Users” for whom KYC verification has not been completed.


One user may not purchase more than one app. The account for which KYC verification was not or cannot be performed shall be suspended at the payments phase. The user for which KYC verification was not or cannot be performed shall not be able to access the unique website (Back Office), and while he/she is allowed to use the Mobile app purchased based on the application service license, all his/ her gains under the sales intermediary title and related thereto, rights to obtain sales partnership income (Affiliate) and the sales related acting powers are cancelled.


Accordingly, the USER may not give any representation on behalf of CSTechnology” and for recommendation purposes. In this issue, he/she may not make or give any advertisement, promotion and suggestion.


On one hand, CSTechnology” Mobile App usage license and sales intermediary section therein gives the users to use for lifelong under the license to be purchased by the user, and, on the other hand, it pays lifelong sales premium(s) based on the certain discipline and terms, predefined by advising this app allowing subsequent editing, for which the rules may be determined by the Users.

 CSTechnology” does not guarantee and undertake, in any manner, to give any sales premium(s), establish teams in the system, or to make indirect sales. Such issues are at the option and under the control of the User fully and solely. The User shall solely decide whether to carry out any advisory study or whether to struggle.

CSTechnology” shall be entitled to access to all information about procedure and discipline of the license sales partnership premium(s) distribution system of the User, promotional contents (e.g. video, slides, pictures etc.) of the CSTechnology” Mobile App, and the information, documents etc. materials produced electronically and included in the applicable section of the personal website given by CSTechnology” that may be usable for promotion and advisory purposes.


The User may not use the contents containing different statements in electronic form and in printed forms, including the social media and personal website(s) in the special and general promotional and advisory negotiations, animated and non-animated media content, other than the promotional and information contents related to the brand and product officially produced and published by CSTechnology”.


The user may not announce, share, copy any information other than the information provided by CSTechnology” and may not use any of them in any public or non-public event and his/her special messages. Otherwise, it shall lead the cancellation of all articles under the title “Sales Intermediary” included in the applicable section of the absolute service sales intermediary license.


System placement process from the moment of the approval of the payment of the price by the User who has owned a new license as a structural process related to the premium(s) in the CSTechnology” sales partnership system is realized immediately and within systematic placement discipline by assigning an automatic placement and registry no (ID No) without the discretion and intervention of the person(s).


In this case, the User may not change the location in the system absolutely in any form and under any circumstance after the license purchase transaction, and he/she may not cancellation or return of the sales, and may not even propose to transfer the license. Therefore, he/she should check the registry no (ID No) and/ or invitation web address connection address (sponsor invitation link) suggested and given to him/ her by the advising (sponsor’s) at the purchase phase. He/ she and his/ her sponsor shall be jointly and severally liable for all mistakes which may occur.


Since the payments related to the premium(s) in the CSTechnology” sales partnership system are paid in BTC, a BTC transfer section is available for each USER to define e-wallet account owned by a 3rd party owned by him / her.


The User hereby agrees and undertakes irrevocably and definitely that CSTechnology” shall not be held liable for any consequences of the actions including the definition, transfer etc. y him/ her and the result of the submissions sent to the address of the 3rd party to be used in this BTC transfers.


 CSTechnology” may change, cancel or suspend, fully or partially, on provisional and/ or permanent basis, the contents of this Mobile application services, the usage and operation rights and rules granted by the website in use of the natural person who purchased the license and all working terms and conditions, at any time it deems fit, and at the times required in the applicable legislations in your country.


I, with my capacity as a User, hereby undertake irrevocably and indefinitely that I read and understood all of the above articles and the contents above that I shall purchase to utilize the services and other rights, that I understand and accept freely and independently my rights and obligations under the service and usage conditions given by CSTechnology” to me, that I shall obey and act in compliance with all rights of the other Users and the rights of CSTechnology” and any notices to eb served upon me in the future; and otherwise, I shall be deemed as withdrawn from service purchase and my all other rights.